New Wine Talk is a Live Social Media Show geared towards reaching women filled with candid conversations to help deal with the issues we face in life.
About our name: Putting new wine in old wine skins causes it to burst. We realized a generation was bursting. They were trying to be reached in ways that were simply of no use to them. Our hearts yearned for a way to share love, hope in a wide spread way. God gave us a new method to share the message of the gospel. God gave us NEW WINE TALK.  Together Millennial’s and The Mature are coming together to bridge the gap that’s too long divided us. Together we will deal with issues that plague us as women. We will laugh. We may cry. We will use the word of God as our basis to talk through issues life presents. In this our hope is it will help many heal and deal with the matters we face. Together through this journey/ we’ll grow.  We’ll deal with finances, relationships, parenting, celebrate triumphs and so much more! Ladies, invite your friends to join us every Tuesday at 7pm CST.